Room Book Cover


Part of my photography class in the second semester was a book cover redesign. I chose “Room”, a novel by author Emma Donoghue.

The story is told from the perspective of a five-year-old boy, Jack, who is being held captive in a small room along with his mother. He lives with his Ma in Room, a secured single-room outbuilding containing basic furniture including a TV and the only natural light source comes from a skylight. Because it is all he has ever known, Jack believes that only Room is real and that the rest of the world exists only on television.


Cover Concepts, Photography, Layout Design


06 – 07/2020


After writing out the important parts in the book and making a mindmap, I digitally sketched out several book cover ideas.


Going of the last sketch, I first took a picture of a cloudy sky, symbolising the only window in Room and the freedom they seek. A key part of the book is that Jack and Ma scream at the skylight everyday in hopes of someone hearing them. I then put the image onto a TV screen with a projector, with the idea that the young boy only knows the rest of the world through the television. I photographed it and adjusted it in Photoshop.